General rules:

  • The applicant must be ECI, i.e. < 8 years after PhD or PhD candidate, and working in an ITC
  • oral or poster presentation at a conference related to the topic of the Action
  • the COST Action Circular City must be mentioned in the Acknowledgements
  • the maximum grant for an ITCCG in the COST Action Circular City is 500 EUR; However, if the ITC committee unanimously agrees, this amount can be increased

How to apply for ITCCG

  • Applications have to be submitted through the e-COST website.
  • Collection date for applications is the last day of the month. Applications will be evaluated during 1st week of every month (starting in December 2019).
  • Applications that are submitted too close to the conference date to allow an evaluation during the first week of every month will be discarded.
  • The evaluation of the applications will be done by the ITCCG Committee
  • Evaluation criteria:
    • All general rules have to be fulfilled
    • The topic of the presentation as well as the overall conference themes have to be relevant to the Cost Action “Circular City”

After the conference

  • A scientific report (including a picture of the grantee at the conference) has to be submitted before payment can be done.
  • A template for the final report will be made available.
  • All documents for the final report have to be submitted through the e-COST website

General rules – COST Vademecum