Last year a team of innovators from Ukraine UNDP Accelerator Lab – decided to explore nature-base solutions possibilities in Ukraine. This exploration journey connected UNDP Ukraine and our COST Action. Together we run a very inspiring NBS event called the Community Safari in Kyiv.
The idea of a safari event was to empower grassroots activists to collectively identity problems in their city and then explore possible nature-based solutions projects. The safari teams worked non-stop during the event, but they are now working even harder on their five experiments in Podil district of Kyiv, testing composting, green walls, moss modules, drainage system and green valley implementation.While we wait for the safari’s experiments to bear fruit, from our experience of running the event, we’ve already realized that the concept of a Community Safari works very well. For that reason, we created an open source toolkit that shows any community how to run similar events and develop their own nature-oriented solutions. It is already available for download here.