The 3rd MC and working group meeting was held from 4th of March until 6th of March 2020 at Istanbul Aydin University. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the number of participants was diminished and only 55 of the planned 90 persons attended. With the support of technology additional people could participate in the MC meeting and some of the plenary sessions remotely.
During the meeting, we got the message that the remaining review papers of the special issue “Towards Circular Cities” in the IWAP journal Blue-Green Systems were published. The special issue can be found here.
In the meeting also the Green-Wall-Cluster was officially launched. The overall goal is to connect all research in this growing topic and support further development by the COST Action network.
In the parallel working sessions, the WG’s were mixed up in order to provide interdisciplinary discussions on terminology of existing NBS as well as on how different urban challenges can be solved with NBS. The outcome from the parallel sessions marks the first step towards the next deliverables.